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Please watch the following short video

Welcome video by Tom (1:36)


Welcome to this free Carer Awareness training session. It is expected that it will take between 45 and 60 minutes to complete.

Why do this course?

You may be taking this course out of general interest around caring.

Maybe you are a carer wanting to know a little more about us and what caring means.

Possibly you are a representative of a group, organisation, or community, with an interest in becoming a Carer Champion and being able to recognise when someone may have a care role, answer initial questions and know how to signpost to help and support.

Carer Champion

By taking this training session and answering the questions that will be asked, you are completing our Carer Champion training and will qualify for a badge and certificate if you wish.

We also have specific training for employers, primary healthcare staff and people in education though you will not need to complete these if you have already done this training. Speak to us directly about specific support or go directly to the relevant training session on our website instead of completing this session.

Who we are

The Carers Centre is a charity formed in 1988 to support the needs of unpaid family/friend carers in Brighton and Hove.

Since 2018 we have also been the lead partner of a project funded by Brighton and Hove City Council, called the Carers Hub, which provides a single point of contact for carers in the city.

The Hub comprises four organisations. The Carers Centre, Alzheimer’s Society – helping people with dementia, Crossroads Care, providing short term respite solutions and Brighton and Hove City Council Carer Assessment Workers.

You are now about to start the first section where we will look at what being a carer means.

I hope you enjoy the session and wish you all the very best.