Young Carers: Case study – Jo

Case study: Jo

Have a look at the following case study and consider…

  • What evidence is there that Jo is a Young Carer?
  • How could your school/college support them as a Young Carer?

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Jo is 15 years old and lives with her dad, dad’s girlfriend and her younger sister for half the week, then she and her sister live with their mum for the rest of the time.

Her mum has been through a difficult few years and has recently been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder.

Jo reminds her mum to take her medication and helps with her younger sister.

Jo’s teacher has noticed that she is often distracted and emotionally withdrawn at certain times of the week and checks her phone a lot during class; this is impacting on her schoolwork and her homework is also being affected.

One evening a week Jo goes to the local youth centre, but lately her attendance has been erratic.

The referral to the Young Carers Project came from a support worker at the youth centre who reported that when Jo does attend, she exhibits hyper vigilance and parenting of the younger children.

She also seems less keen to spend time with those her own age.

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