Technology for Carers

The internet is full of information, support and discussion forums relating to carers.  It can also help to make some caring tasks easier. There are lots of different apps available that can help you to make the most of technology and this includes using apps to help with your caring role. Many apps are free or very cheap but make sure you check before you download.

JOINTLY App is an app that makes caring for someone a little easier, less stressful and a lot more organised by making communication and co-ordination between those who share the care as easy as a text message. Download it for free using the code: BHCC_JT75.

Carers UK Digital Resources.  The local council has teamed up with Carers UK, a national organisation to give carers in Brighton & Hove free access to a wide range of digital tools, such as online learning, and essential resources that may help make their caring situation easier.  Visit this site and sign up for free.

An app on Google Play called “My Local NHS” helps you choose the right NHS service, leaving urgent care to those that need it most. The app will explain what each service does, when it should be used and where to find it.  The app can also be found on iPhone.

My Life is an easy-to-use, online directory listing local Brighton & Hove and national organisations and services to support every day living.  A specific page is designed for carers.

Telecare includes a range of services and equipment that support you at home and when you are out and about by providing emergency assistance when you need it. There is a range of assistive technology available to increase independence and safety for you or the person you care for.