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Carer Centre/Hub Services

Please watch the following short video.

Video Lizzie and Steve (2:42)

Q. So who helps unpaid carers in Brighton and Hove?

A. The Carers Hub is the first point of contact for all unpaid carers in the city except if you are a parent caring for a child, you will be supported by Amaze.

Q. How does someone register?

Carers can be referred by professionals such as GPs or they can self-refer. Both can be done by phone or online.

Q. What happens and is it free?

A. Yes, it’s free.

When a carer comes through, we send out information packs and follow up with a call.

Part of the call discusses the type of support they would like to access. 

We will offer a Carer Contact Assessment, which is part of a Brighton & Hove City Council carers assessment.

Q. What else is available for carers?

A. All carers who choose to have a Carers Contact Assessment will be eligible for a carers card. This card gives carers discounts off things across the city, including bus fares, discounts at freedom leisure and much more.

Q. Anything else you offer?

A. Yes, quite a lot.

We have a number of projects and services including a large number of weekly activities. These are constantly refreshed and updated, so check our website for the latest information. 

We also have a quarterly newsletter Carers News that carers and professionals can sign up to.

Q. What about specialist support?

We have specific support for carers who are looking after someone with a mental health challenge – this service is called Changes Ahead and offers one to one emotional support and a specific monthly meet up.

We also support carers who are looking after someone with an end-of-life condition and offer one to one emotional support.

Q. it sounds like quite a lot so far. Is there anything else?

A. Yes. We support carers, with access to the My Health Matters service through Crossroads. This provides someone to be with the person being cared for while the carer attends their own health and wellbeing appointments.

We also support carers with direct referrals to the Alzheimer’s Society where they can get specialist dementia support.

And as mentioned previously, we also support young people to manage their caring role and it’s impact. The Young Carers Project supports young carers from the age of 6, and young adults up to 25 through the Carers Hub. They are offered emotional support and advocacy as well as opportunities to meet other young people for peer support and to take part in activities.

We know that is a lot to remember, so please feel free to give us a call or check our website for information.