Mass Observation Diary – A Day In The Life Of A Carer

The Carers Centre is delighted to be working with the University of Sussex to promote the participation of carers in the annual Mass Observation Day diary. This is a historically important archive of information written by people from all walks of life. Entries have been collated since 1937 and are archived at The Keep, at the university.

This is a great chance for you to share your account of life as a carer. On the 12th May 2019, we invite carers to write a day-in-the-life diary entry and send it to (preferably as a microsoft word attachment to an e-mail). You can submit the diary after this date but the idea is to see what was going on in poeple’s live on that specific Sunday.

Guidance on participation can be found here. For example, you need to include your age and gender but not names or contact details so that you can write openly and with candour.

It would be wonderful to see the carers of Brighton & Hove contribute, so please save the date, Sunday 12th May 2019 to write a diary for this day!